Saturation Mailing

Blanket your PMA

Saturation mailing can be some of the most cost-effective direct response marketing there is, targeting every potential customer within a given geography. Typically, saturation mailers have only a few filters and produce a very healthy ROI when planned and delivered correctly, but there are vital factors that you must manage to make sure your saturation mailing is successful. Save both time and money by working with professionals who do this day in and day out.
  1. Booklet Mailer
    Booklet Mailer
    4-page booklet mailer (8.5 x11 panels). Grabs all the attention in the mailbox!
  2. 6x11 Post Card
    6x11 Post Card
  3. Bi-Fold
  4. 10x14 Post Card
    10x14 Post Card
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