Focused around keywords that are relevant to your business offerings. Let our Google AdWords certified ad buyers handle the weekly optimization of your campaign, from building the most sophisticated results-driven ads with up to 4 ad extensions, monitoring bidding on keywords, and driving meaningful conversions to your business; with reporting on lead forms, calls, text messaging, and click to map to your business.

Step 1: We will create a keyword list for you to approve (typically 20-30 to start as a best practice).  These will be the words and phrases that we will bid on to show your ads.

Step 2: The next step is compelling text creation for your ads to make sure you are maximizing your message, using the most cutting-edge ad extensions to capitalize on real estate in a search engine results page.

Step 3: We will optimize your campaign every week throughout the month to ensure your budget is being spent most effectively.

Step 4: Each month you will receive a comprehensive report detailing how your campaign ads were served including impressions, clicks, ad spend, and in-depth conversion details:

Reporting Includes

  • Clicks and Click-through Rate: How many people are clicking on my ad?
  • Transparent Cost of every dollar spent: You are charged when a click occurs on an ad.
  • Top Keyword: Keywords that are driving results broken down by cost-per-click.
  • Ad Performance: Which ad set is driving the most traffic to your conversion points.
  • Conversions: How many people converted both on my ad or on my website?
  • Device Performance: Which device is getting the most engagement on my campaign?
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