Automotive Direct Mail That Works

The U.S. Capital Credit Card Mailer

BDC appointment-setting included with

24/7 BDC coverage

Hill Marketing Group, powered by U.S. Capital, excels in automotive direct mail marketing for dealers. We understand dealerships are looking for a company with a solid track record (we have over 12 years of providing dealers with successful events). We also know you want a company who understand the car business (our owners and management team all came directly out of the dealership sales world with over 100 years of experience combined). And we know if we do a good job then you will stay with us for many successful events to come (that is why we operate our own in-house BDC, manned by car sales professionals that will turn your leads into solid confirmed appointments).

You only care about results, so here’s what to expect of our events:

  • We do more than provide leads, we provide quality, qualified appointments
  • A steady stream of pre-qualified shoppers by appointment
  • Pre-qualified walk-ins
  • Multiple financing opportunities
  • Constant contact with us
  • Transparency and access to our notes on the appointments

All so you can sell more cars and keep selling more cars!

  • You want to hit up new markets – we help you do that
  • You want to expand sales in other zip codes – we help you do that
  • You want a balance and steady flow of increasing business – we help you accomplish that

Your salespeople don’t need any more surprises. Give them ups they can work with, that they know something about ahead of time, and you’ll sell more cars, period.